ERP Installation and training charges for one year(80 online training hours)

Item Code: ERP250

ERPnext in Google Cloud Installation and training charges for one year(80 online
training hours)
1. Basic installation on cloud server. (We will do via online installation)
advance payment required.
2. Basic customization. ( Stock in out, Cash sales, Hire sales, Credit
sales, Customer creation, Warranty inquiry, Bulk sales, Price inquiry,
Profit center, Remittance, Aging inquiry, Day end, Good exchange,
Audit trail, Stock inquiry, Agreement printing, Reports- cash sales, credit
sales, sales commotion ) 50% payment required in advance
3. Staff training for 15 staff members ( Total training hours is not more
80 hours for Gold package. We will do online training sessions for
relevant modules in the ERP next with relevant training materials such
videos and presentations etc.. ) 
4. Problem solving with staff members.
5. Final review for implementation and staff training.
6. Completion of implementation. (Normally we do full implementation
within 30 days based on your participation on the implementation).
- We do support service for Rs 20000 per month after 30 days for 
Google cloud and support service . this support service conducted 
strictly online and no office visit included. 
Office visit are subjected to hourly rate and transportation
cost. Invoice will issue case by case.
-office visit subjected to transportation and fixed
fees of Rs 15000 per day (9.00 am to 3.00 pm)

Rs 2,500,000.00 (Rs 2,500,000.00 / Nos)